Rare Disease, Covid 19 and the Need for Mental Health Coaching

Like many of you, I have been watching the sobering developments of the new variant of Covid 19 that seems to be taking a hold across the UK and in some parts of Europe.  Never has the need to support people living with Rare Diseases, Long Term Conditions and Cancer been greater.  Most people in these communities are being advised to “shield” again, awaiting the vaccines that scientists and our great industry has produced.  In the interim, support systems like health coaching, homecare and telehealth are invaluable, and offer a critical lifeline for patients and their healthcare practitioner teams that allows access to their vital treatment to continue.  

Check out RareiTi Chief Medical Officer Dr. Olivia Kessell’s recent paper on the evidence behind health coaching and how it can help patients with personal goal setting, adherence to therapy regimes and overall improvement in wellbeing outcomes.  If you want to know more about these benefits, please reach out to the team at RareiTi for a chat at www.rareiti.com or email us at info@rareiti.com.

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