2021 Rare Disease Day – Leave no one behind!

Managed access programs aim to expand access to medications that are not available to patients through the usual channels around the globe. These programs go by various names, including compassionate use, expanded access, named-patient, and early access programs. While some countries allow costs for these programs to be covered many others do not.

The number and breath of managed access programs being offered by biotech and pharma companies is growing but there is still a large unmet need, rare disease therapies are taking longer to get approved and patients in many countries around the world wait longer and have less access to life-saving therapies. At RareiTi we believe by innovating the traditional model using technology to better understand the patient experience, access programs can help patients, meet company goals, and support further research — all of which make it easier for these programs to grow in number and breath. We at RareiTi support equitable access and we support Rare Disease Day in solidarity with the rare disease community – Leave no one behind!

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