Becoming a catalyst for change

As International Women’s Day approaches with its theme of “Choose to Challenge”, I wanted to gain inspiration from women who have challenged the status quo to leave the world a different place than they found it. 

I found plenty of inspiration at the PharmaVOICE Women of the Week virtual session featuring RareiTi’s own Wendy White. Takeaways that will stick with me include:

  • From Kathy Giusti of the HBS Kraft Precision Medicine Accelerator: Know where you’re going, and plan, plan, plan to get there.
  • From Linda Marbán, of Capricor: When you see a problem, solve it. Watching women struggling with childcare during the pandemic stimulates her to want to find a solution.
  • From Sharon Shacham of Karyopharm: Be willing to take risk to achieve a bold goal.
  • From Wendy White of RareiTi: Tackle challenges as though your child’s life depended on it (because it might).

As we begin to imagine a post-pandemic world, I want to emulate these women by finding new approaches to resource allocation that will drive better outcomes for rare disease patients and their families. If I can innovate within my financial and risk management milieu to do more with less, I will have bent the curve to bring about a better future, and that is what RareiTi is all about.

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