What have we learned from the pandemic?

I’ve been thinking recently about the lessons RareiTi needs to absorb from the pandemic and what adjustments we need to make in response to those lessons. RareiTi’s big goal remains focused around access to therapies, but the pandemic is a reminder that diseases are global and that carefully executed, country-specific outreach to patients and providers is crucial to getting emerging therapies in the hands of those who need them most. 

The pandemic has also shown us how accessibility impacts where and how treatment is delivered. RareiTi has developed a platform where patients can easily, in their own language log a few pieces of data every day and over time see how they are doing while at the same time having direct access to support. The data collected can then be used to help better target future clinical trials, understand barriers to adherence and broaden data sets from a global perspective.  The pandemic has rekindled my passion for pushing our technology and our managed access model to be ever more accessible to more people in more parts of the globe.

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