Patient Relationships Are Built, Not Bought

Writing a check for a patient advocacy group is not enough. There are no shortcuts when it comes to true patient centricity. 
Some companies still think that writing a check to a patient advocacy organization and/or publicly supporting disease days makes them a patient-centric organization. These things are important, but it’s not enough. Being patient-centric means building a genuine working relationship with communities from day one and throughout the patient lifecycle.
First and foremost you need to listen to patients, understand their physical patient journey, their barriers, gaps, and emotional journey and develop your commercial strategy based on their needs. In your patient’s thoughts, your rare disease brand = how you approach education/communication + support + access to therapy. As an organization, you have to “walk the walk”.
Please contact RareiTi if you would like to discuss or have questions about how working across silos for a coordinated and strategic approach can actualize your rare disease promise. 

Wendy White


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